We are now exporting

Any entrepreneur who seeks to develop his business, it is necessary or advisable to address in foreign markets for the products or the services that it produces, to take advantage of financial reinforces and other forms of facilitation that are granted by abroad organisations or from other countries, to exchange experiences and knowledge and widen its professional horizon.

The export trade is considered perhaps one of the most important features of an economy. There are many examples of countries with increased exports that are having a strong economy.

Our Company despite the economic crisis the last years, has made its first exports in the year 2014 continuing until now in these countries.

The exports have been made mainly in countries of the European Union, but also to other countries. France and Russia are the main exporting countries, and recently we exported products to China, which is considered an important market for our company.

Kleopas Pomegranates can export both 100% Fresh Pomegranate Juice as well as 100% Pure Pealed Pomegranate in different packages.

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