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Ever since antiquity, the pomegranate has held a special place in perceptions, nutrition and the confrontation of diseases, while it is considered to this day to be the fruit of fertility. Modern science demonstrates that this ancient folklore was built on solid ground. The pomegranate fruit is especially low in calories and particularly rich in carbohydrates and potassium. Years of clinical research have shown that there are many reasons backing the consumption of pomegranate and its juice in particular: It improves blood circulation, helps reduced blood pressure and is beneficiary for cardiovascular illnesses. It contains high levels of antioxidants and helps in prostate, breast, skin cancer, etc. It helps in dysentery and osteoarthritis problems and protects the skin.

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Our Distributors

In the last decade, we have been producing and distributing the only pomegranate juice as well as pealed pomegranate, which are 100% fresh in Cyprus. We are proud to announce that we are supplying our product to more than 60 Distributors in Cyprus.

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